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What is the NSW Women’s Strategy 2023-2026?

What is the NSW Women’s Strategy 2023-2026?

Here’s a quick guide to the NSW Women’s Strategy 2023-2026. It affects women and girls in the CALD community, so let’s break it down for a better understanding.

The Vision

Firstly, the primary vision of the strategy is to create a safe and fair environment for all women. Indeed, the goal is a society where all women are treated with dignity and respect. Moreover, it ensures equitable access to services, resources, opportunities, and protections. Above all, the aim is to empower women to thrive.

Three Pillars of the Strategy

The NSW Women’s Strategy focuses on three key priority areas that women in NSW have consistently emphasised as significant. These pillars target the core areas of improvement necessary for achieving the desired change.

  1. Financial Growth and Development

Equal opportunities in professional fields

Balancing different life phases and careers

Access to employment and career possibilities

Economic stability and retirement preparedness

  1. Physical and Mental Wellness

Secure relationships and communities

Knowledge of health necessities for women and girls

Assistance for physical and mental health demands

Stable accommodations and averting homelessness

  1. Involvement and Strengthening

Serving as leaders in workplaces and localities

Empowering unique communities

Restoring ties and participation within society

Guiding Principles for Implementation

A set of guiding principles backs the strategy. Notably:

Equality as a right: The NSW government recognises equality as a fundamental human right. This belief obligates them to make necessary policies and implement laws to overcome discriminatory practices against women.

Equality of opportunity: The strategy not only guarantees equal rights but also focuses on providing equal opportunities for women’s active participation in social and economic life.

Mutual benefits: It’s noteworthy that achieving gender equality benefits the entire society and is everyone’s responsibility.

Working together: Furthermore, the success of this strategy requires collective efforts from governments, corporations, industries, and communities.

Inclusivity: The strategy emphasises responsibility for improving outcomes for all women, considering various backgrounds and identities, including CALD.

Immediate and longer-term: Lastly, it targets immediate change and long-term shifts in societal norms, attitudes, and inequalities.

NSW Women’s Strategy – Focus Communities

The NSW Women’s Strategy 2023-2026 also focuses on improving outcomes for specific communities. Communities such as:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and girls


Girls and young women living in, or who have lived in out-of-home care

Women and girls from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities

LGBTIQA+ women and girls, and several others.

NSW Government Commitment

Finally, the strategy promotes successful initiatives, explores new ones to advance equality and inclusion, and outlines future evidence for action and investment. The NSW Women’s Strategy 2023-2026 is a comprehensive initiative to promote women and girls’ status, experiences, and contributions, contributing to a safer, fairer, and more inclusive society.

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