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Challenges for Migrant and Refugee Families in Australia

Challenges for Migrant and Refugee Families in Australia

Moving to a new country can be challenging and confronting, especially for migrant and refugee families who must navigate a new cultural, social, and legal environment. So, let’s discuss some of the unique migrant challenges faced by these families settling in Australia, including those with disability support needs.

Migrant Challenges – The Refugee Journey

Upon arriving in Australia, refugees frequently carry a past filled with harrowing events. Such experiences might encompass perilous escapes, hazardous living conditions, losing loved ones, and upheaval in family structures. These past traumas can give rise to feelings of anxiety, fear, and a lack of control over their own lives. Consequently, migrant and refugee families might need extra assistance adapting to their new life in Australia.

Intergenerational Conflict

Intergenerational conflict is a natural part of raising children and occurs in families of all cultural backgrounds. However, for migrant and refugee families, this conflict can be exacerbated by the additional migrant challenges of settling into a new country. As a result, parents and children may struggle to balance their cultural values and norms with those of their new home. This may lead to tension within the family.

Migrant Challenges – Settling into a New Environment

Numerous migrant challenges exist when settling into a new environment. These can include language barriers, finding employment, accessing education, and securing housing. Moreover, for families with disability support needs, these challenges can be even more significant. They must also navigate the complexities of accessing appropriate services and support.

Building Community Connections

Building connections within the community is one of the most important aspects of settling into a new country. Consequently, migrant and refugee families may struggle to find a sense of belonging in their new home, particularly if they face language barriers or cultural differences. Establishing strong community connections can help these families feel more at ease and supported in their new environment.

Supporting Migrant and Refugee Families

To help migrant and refugee families overcome these challenges, it’s essential to provide tailored support and resources. This support can include language and cultural support, assistance accessing services and support, and opportunities for community engagement.

At All Purpose CALD Services in Coffs Harbour, we’re committed to supporting the unique needs of migrant and refugee families, specialising in those with disability support requirements. Essentially, we aim to help these families thrive in their new home by providing personalised assistance and fostering a sense of community and belonging.

All purpose CALD Services provide assistance with travel/transport arrangements

Assistance with Travel / Transport

All Purpose Cald Services participants in developing their capacity to travel independently. Our clients can access their community when alternative modes are unavailable.

Participation in Community Activities

Participation in Community Activities

We help participate in social and civic activities; you may become engaged in the community, establish contacts, socialise, and receive support.

Development of Life Skills

Development of Life Skills

We help the participant to encourage personal development and increase opportunities to participate in the community. We assist them in using public transport, developing skills, and performing day-to-day activities.