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Embracing Diversity and Upholding Human Rights

Embracing Diversity and Upholding Human Rights

Australia is a relatively new country. As such, it has grown and prospered by embracing new cultures and diversity. Today, Australia has a multicultural society with an increasing number described as CALD or culturally and linguistically diverse. Australians, on the whole, are welcoming, respect all cultures, and help protect people’s rights. So, what are human rights and the impact of diversity on a country?

The Place of Many Cultures

Having many cultures helps us think of new ideas, grows our economy, and enriches each culture. To make this work, we must understand and respect each other. Moreover, embracing these differences makes people feel they belong here, which is essential in a country such as Australia.

Respecting Everyone’s Human Rights

In a country with many cultures, we must respect everyone’s rights. These rights are like rules for how we should treat everyone, regardless of origin. In Australia, we have a group called the Human Rights Commission. This group works hard to ensure everyone is treated the same, and we should support them.

Many Cultures and the CALD Community

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) folks are something you see a lot in Australia. But, just like others, CALD people can have problems. Sometimes, these problems are about language or getting the services they need. Also, people might even mistreat them. So, we must make sure CALD people have their rights protected in everyday life, like at work, school or when using services.

Enjoying Many Cultures and Standing Up for Human Rights

So, as part of Australia, how can we help? We can stand up for everyone’s rights and enjoy different cultures. Enjoying many cultures is not only about accepting them but also knowing them. In addition, we can stop people from treating others badly because of their race, make men and women equal, and help the elderly and the LGBTQ+ community. After all, each small thing we do will help make Australia a better place.

Human Rights For Everyone

In short, having many cultures is what makes Australia special. So, protecting everyone’s rights makes sure all these cultures can live together happily. By enjoying different cultures and protecting people’s rights, we can ensure Australia is a friendly and welcoming place for everyone.

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All purpose CALD Services provide assistance with travel/transport arrangements

Assistance with Travel / Transport

All Purpose Cald Services participants in developing their capacity to travel independently. Our clients can access their community when alternative modes are unavailable.

Participation in Community Activities

Participation in Community Activities

We help participate in social and civic activities; you may become engaged in the community, establish contacts, socialise, and receive support.

Development of Life Skills

Development of Life Skills

We help the participant to encourage personal development and increase opportunities to participate in the community. We assist them in using public transport, developing skills, and performing day-to-day activities.